adds XML to reservation system

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., among the first Internet companies to offer real-time hotel bookings, has launched an upgrade of its reservation system that uses XML (eXtensible Markup Language). The company said that the XML implementation was another step “in consolidating TravelNow’s status as a leading technology provider to the travel industry.”
The new XML technology will add to TravelNow’s offering to the business-to-business market by adding flexibility to the booking system in accepting and implementing reservation information from other travel industry providers and Web sites. The upgraded system will also facilitate the addition of new affiliates to TravelNow’s already extensive network. XML will also enable TravelNow to offer additional services to online consumers via remote access devices including wireless application providers.
“By providing a common method for identifying data, XML will support business-to-business transactions between TravelNow and our affiliates by simplifying the implementation process,” said Chris Kuhn, chief information officer of TravelNow. “The benefit will ultimately be passed on to the consumer through quality products and services.” He added that XML makes it possible to describe a process, move data intact, and repackage information that is considerably more customized for specific audiences.”