Brits not scared off by Spanish bombings say Skyscanner

Brits not scared off by Spanish bombings say Skyscanner

British holidaymakers are refusing to be scared off from their summer holidays in Spain despite the recent bombings carried out by the Basque separatist terrorist organisation, ETA, according to travel site Skyscanner.

Searches for flights to Spain from the UK on Skyscanner have actually increased by 10% since the start of the August 09, likely due to the Brits wanting to escape the wet British summer, and there has been no reduction in the number of flight searches to Palma in Majorca where the most recent bombings took place.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director commented:

“It will take a lot more than this to dent our love affair with Spain which is the most popular holiday destination for British tourists and generally an extremely safe country to visit. These isolated incidents pose a very small threat to tourists and it’s unlikely that the bombings will have any lasting effect on tourism to Majorca or Spain as a whole.”

Skyscanner sometimes sees a short term drop in searches for destinations following major incidents, but the falls tend to be short lived and visitor numbers soon recover as long as the incidents are not sustained.