Brits not interested in religious festivals

Brits not interested in religious festivals, recently polled over a 1000 customers to find out if they were interested in travelling to take part in a religious festival and the results showed that a resounding 74 per cent weren’t.

This year 25,000 Brits travelled to Mecca to celebrate the Hajj and with everyone preparing at home for our biggest religious festival, Christmas, entering into the spirit of things with great aplomb, it’s perhaps surprising that the majority of Brits shun the opportunity to experience religious festivals from other cultures.

However 21 per cent did say that they had travelled to take part in a religious festival and that they found it to be a great way to understand a culture, apart from the obvious spiritual significance.

Ben Alexander, head of marketing at commented:” Generally speaking the British love to use travel to broaden experience; so it’s surprising that most rule out travel to a religious pilgrimage or festival.”