Britons advised to avoid Bahrain as protests continue

British travellers are being advised to steer clear of Bahrain as political unrest continues to sweep the country.

While Tunisia and Egypt are retuning to the tourist trail, following their own political upheavals, Bahrain has seen an increase in protests over recent days.

Confrontations between protestors and police yesterday centred on Pearl Square, while there were also reports of protestors establishing roadblocks around the capital Manama.

“If British nationals do travel within Bahrain they should maintain a high level of security awareness, particularly in public places and on major highways, and avoid large crowds and demonstrations,” read a Foreign Office statement.

“The risk of further outbreaks of violence has increased.”

Bahrain International Airport remains open, however, with travellers able to leave the country if necessary.

Bahrain Unrest

Security forces yesterday fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators, with the Saudi National Guard called in to the country to restore order.

Protesters - largely inspired by the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia - have called for the reform of the Sunni monarchy and have threatened to march on the royal palace if their demands are not met.

Earlier this month, the FCO also warned Britons against all travel to the Middle Eastern state of Yemen because of increasing violence.

Libya remains off limits as forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi violently attempt to reassert control over the east of the country following a military uprising.