British tourists injured in Greek accident

As many as 25 tourists – many of whom are believed to be British – have been injured following a catamaran crash on the Greek island of Kos.

The Turkish-flagged Aegean Cat twice crashed into a jetty on the island, with five of those injured treated in hospital.

Many suffered broken bones and cuts from shattered windows, bit none of the injured are believed to be in a life threatening condition.

Pictured: The Greek island of Kos is popular withholidaymakers

Local reports suggest the vessel was on route from the Turkish town of Didim, with more than 200 passengers on board.


The Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine said the port authority in Kos was investigating the incident, which happened at 11:12 local time.

“The ship was trying to get into the port of Kos when it crashed,” added a spokesperson, “we don’t know how it happened.”

There were no reports of bad weather at the time of the crash, with local mayor David Gerasklis stating the boat had been hit by mechanical failure.

“Some of the passengers apparently got up to see what happened, and they were injured in the second crash,” he added.

The remaining passengers were able to disembark safely.