British Airways brings ‘slow TV’ phenomenon to UK flights

British Airways brings ‘slow TV’ phenomenon to UK flights

British Airways is launching a new style of ‘Slow TV’ programming on board a number of its long-haul flights, for those that believe that ‘the journey is as important as the destination’.

An unlikely breakout hit in Norway, ‘The Seven Hour Train Journey to Oslo’ follows the entire duration of a train ride, from Oslo to Bergen.

It is estimated that over a million Norwegians tuned in to the show at some point when it was originally aired on local channel NRK.

British Airways is the first airline to air the seven hour Oslo train journey, showing on hundreds of flights from July.

If popular, there’s an opportunity to expand ‘Slow TV’ shows to other hits including; knitting, a walk in the park and everyone’s favourite – bird feeding!

British Airways’ in-flight entertainment manager, Richard D’Cruze said: “One of the team at our agency Spafax read about this unusual documentary that had become a cult hit in Norway and tracked it down. 

“It fits perfectly with the ‘wallpaper’ style footage people find mesmerising in-flight, such as our moving maps which customers watch for endless hours!

“There’s definitely a hypnotic, calming and entertaining quality to ‘Slow TV’ that is perfect for in-flight entertainment.”

British Airways features more than 130 movies, 650 TV shows from around the world and some 550 audio albums and 225 radio shows in its in-flight entertainment systems.

Throughout the summer, British Airways is showing highlights of major sporting events, including football from Brazil, Formula 1 highlights and the Wimbledon tennis championships, some as soon as the next day.