Bolt brilliance propels Jamaica to top of sport tourism world

With Sunday night’s record-breaking 100m sprint by Usain Bolt once again demonstrating why he is a once-in-a-lifetime sporting sensation, the small but hugely significant island of Jamaica showcased its brilliance once again to the world.

Standing trackside for the victory, the island’s tourism officials were overwhelmingly jubilant, as nowhere better understands the link between sport and tourism.

Jamaica’s Minister for Tourism, Edmund Bartlett said: “The impact on Brand Jamaica from Bolt’s win is inestimable in value.”

The Jamaican Tourist Board is getting right behind its stable of incredible athletes at the World Athletics Championship in Berlin with its Jamaica & Tui VIP Lounge, repeating last year’s success with its VIP Sports Lounge at the Westin Beijing.

The brainchild of the Minister for Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, the Club Jamaica VIP Lounge is playing host to dignitaries, VIPs and leaders from the worlds of sport and travel, and capitalising on the amazing buzz that surrounds the Jamaican team.


(Pictured right: Minister for Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, his wife Carmen, Director of Jamaican Tourism, John Lynch)

The lounge enjoys an unrivalled location – the panorama 37th floor of Berlin’s tallest hotel, the luxury Park Inn. As well as affording the finest views in the capital city, the bar offers round-the-clock sporting action.

Minister Bartlett said: “Germany is a very important market for us. It has indicated that it is the growth centre for our tourism at this time. For the first six months of the year, it has shown growth of six per cent in tourist arrivals to Jamaica, which is better than the rest of Europe, including the UK.

(Pictured left: Edmund Bartlett, Carmen Bartlett, John Lynch celebrate Bolt’s incredible victory with fans)

He added: “The fact is that Germany’s economy is the strongest in Europe at this time and Jamaica has had a strong historic link with Germany. We’re utilising the relationships we have with our partners and stakeholders here, including tour operators TUI and sportswear giants Puma, who are well known to most Jamaicans.

“Essentially, we’re utilising the power of Jamaica’s athletes here to drive the country’s presence in the German market and we are anticipating very rich rewards.”

“Sports tourism had a shot in the arm last night. The Jamaican Tourist Board is now actively pursuing plans for the link between sports and tourism. The Minister has indicated that 2012 Olympics is a target event to create the overall programme for the athletics component of this strategy.”

(Pictured right: Minister Bartlett attempts to break Bolt’s 100m sprint record at the Puma ‘Who Faster’ 100m Challenge at the Park Inn, Berlin)

“Such partnerships that we have forged in Berlin between Tui, Puma and the Jamaica Tourist Board is the way to go to further sports tourism in Jamaica.”

The Puma ‘Who Faster’ 100m Challenge at the Park Inn, Berlin is a classic example. Every day the two fastest runners are selected and on the 23 August at the Jamaican Culural Centre Club, Yaam, the 16 daily winners run against each other, with the overall winner bagging a trip to Jamiaca courtesy of Tui.