Blair calls for Holy Land tourism

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has turned his hand to sales, suggesting the West Bank is ripe for a tourism push.

Addressing delegates at the fourth annual World Savers Conversation Mr Blair argued the region would benefit from a “major joint marketing campaign” with Israel to promote its offering.

Mr Blair also argued tourism represents a “huge economic opportunity for the Palestinian people” and “a huge support to the peace process”.

The former PM currently represents the quartet of parties – Russia, United States, United Nations and the European Union - involved in mediating the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tony Blair presents his keynote address to the World Savers Conversation

In this role Mr Blair said the peace process was “at an absolutely critical juncture” but that any political agreements must be accompanied by economic growth.

However, that should not visitors from heading to the region, added Mr Blair.

“I love every moment I’m there.”

“The solutions are pretty familiar,” he concluded, “everyone is here to save the world and that’s a very good thing.”