Bimuno TRAVELAID seeks cure for holiday illness

Bimuno TRAVELAID seeks cure for holiday illness

While going under a variety of humorous names – Delhi Belly, Aztec Two Step, Pharaoh’s Revenge or even Yalla Yalla in Arabic speaking countries – travellers’ diarrhoea is no laughing matter.

Over 40 per cent of UK travellers experience symptoms each year while abroad, according to NHS statistics, with 26 per cent actively avoiding countries where the risk is perceived to be high.

Billions of pounds are wasted on ruined holidays annually, with travellers laid up in hotel rooms waiting for the symptoms to pass. Some estimates put the figure as high as £1.7 billion per annum in lost revenue for the UK travel industry alone.

But help is at hand.

A new product launched today offers the UK travel industry and tourist boards of countries perceived high risk - including India, Egypt and, perhaps surprisingly, Spain - a clinically proven measure to help prevent travellers’ diarrhoea.

Bimuno TRAVELAID is a unique patented product available in a convenient and travel friendly pastille format, specifically formulated for holidaymakers and business travellers.



The product is the only clinically proven solution to help prevent travellers’ diarrhoea and therefore helps to enhance customers’ holiday experience.

This provides a valuable commercial opportunity, offering access to new destinations for customers previously deterred by overseas travel as a result of the affliction.

Glenn Gibson, professor of food microbial sciences at Reading University, explained: “This is the first time a prebiotic clinical trial has shown such a significant preventative action and protective properties against travellers’ diarrhoea.”

Bimuno TRAVELAID is the latest innovation based on the most recent formulation development technology and peer reviewed clinical trials into travel health, making it a welcome addition to the Bimuno family of products initially developed at the University of Reading’s Food Microbial Sciences Unit.

Supported by Clasado’s affiliate and partnership programme, Bimuno TRAVELAID provides an opportunity for the travel industry to significantly enhance revenues.

It can also benefit countries affected by travellers’ diarrhoea, providing potential holidaymakers’ genuine reassurance against the illness which could in turn lead to an increase in tourism.

Bimuno TRAVELAID is presently available from Boots.