BAR UK reports airports proposals will “add robustness”

BAR UK reports airports proposals will “add robustness”

The Board of Airline Representatives in the UK (BAR UK) welcomed today’s report by the South East Airports Taskforce, as adding robustness, despite not providing a proper solution to the chronic lack of airport capacity in London and South East England.

The eagerly awaited report contains proposals to allow ‘operational freedoms’ for more flexible use of runway capacity at times of operational needs, and a move to an outcome-focused, risk-based approach to aviation security.

Mike Carrivick, Chief Executive BAR UK, said

“The proposal to allow greater flexibility of runway capacity during times of disruption will hopefully go a long way to enhancing the limited operational robustness of Heathrow”.

“Our airline members look forward to the phased trials which will take place to demonstrate the benefits. These should include far less aircraft ‘holding’ resulting in much improved punctuality, fewer delays and reduced emissions. The same outlook prevails with the proposed flexibility to meeting the needs of the aviation security programme”.


“The report also covers work in progress with the UK Border Agency which remains an area of great concern to airlines. BAR UK is highly supportive of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) but believes it has not been provided with adequate resources to achieve important objectives on schedule”.

“Whilst we reiterate our support for the outcomes of this Taskforce, the proposals do not address the airport capacity needed to maintain the UK competitive edge in aviation, and the economy in general”.