Avis offers consumers top-tips for car security during National Car Crime Awareness Week

Avis offers consumers top-tips for car security during National Car Crime Awareness Week

Leading Car Rental Company Avis UK, today shows it support for National Car Crime Awareness Week by offering advice to motorists on car safety and security. Car Crime Awareness Week kicks off today, and is organised by AVCIS, The Association of Chief Police Officer’s Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service to raise awareness of the criminal activities associated with vehicle-related crime, as well as to educate motorists on its prevalence and how best to avoid it.

Robert Donovan, UK Security Manager for Avis UK comments: “When it comes to car safety, the most important piece of advice that motorists must follow is to stay alert.  As a former policeman, I’ve too often encountered car crimes that could be avoided by motorists applying a little common sense and not becoming complacent.”

Robert continues: “Car Crime Awareness Week is a great initiative as it provides an opportunity to raise awareness and educate motorists on everything from car theft to car cloning.”

Emphasising the importance of staying alert, Avis gives its five top tips for motorists to stay safe and keep criminals at bay.

Avis UK’s top tips for motorists:


  1. When leaving the vehicle always ensure that it is locked
  2. Customers who rent or own a Satellite Navigation System should not leave them or any fittings in the car when they are not being used. Customers are also advised to wipe the windscreen to ensure there aren’t any obvious markings.
  3. Do not leave anything in the car unless you have to, especially electrical equipment.  Criminals have devices which tell them exactly what is in your car even if items are locked away in the boot and turned off
  4. Always be aware of where you park or leave your vehicle and ensure that it is a safe area
  5. Keep the vehicle locked when driving. If cars are unlocked and motorists are sat in traffic, items can be removed from the boot and criminals could enter the vehicle