Apartments Abroad ceases trading

Apartments Abroad ceases trading

Intense competition in the bedbank market has forced Apartments Abroad into liquidation.

The Stoke-based accommodation-only supplier had been trading since 1991 and provided accommodation to agents and tour operators.

It had a portfolio of nearly 20,000 properties in more than 100 countries, ranging from hostels to five-star hotels, and self catering cottages and villas.

The company also owned Resort Taxis, which allowed agents and consumers to book airport transfers independent of airlines or accommodation suppliers.

Apartments Abroad managing director Ian Thirlwall said: “Despite the strenuous efforts of the company and its advisers it has unfortunately not been possible to continue trading.”


“It is deeply upsetting as we had come exceptionally close to selling the business as a going concern before Christmas. When that fell at the last hurdle, a subsequent promise of support for our cashflow then also failed to materialise.”

“Despite that blow we and our advisers continued to explore avenues to save Apartments Abroad and right up until today were negotiating a possible sale. Sadly this could not be achieved and with great regret we ceased trading.”

“As Apartments Abroad was almost exclusively a trade wholesaler and because we were committed to pre-paying suppliers prior to departure we expect the impact upon consumers to be minimal.”