Amtrak unveils ambitious New York tunnel plan

Amtrak unveils ambitious New York tunnel plan

American rail operator Amtrak has put forward a multi-billion dollar proposal to build two commuter rail tunnels linking New Jersey to New York.

The so-called Gateway Project is designed for completion in 2020, with Amtrak stating total costs would run to $13.5 billion.

The plans replace a $9.7 billion scheme killed by New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie.

Senator Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat, revealed the plans earlier today.

“The Gateway Project is a vision for our future that will shorten commutes, create jobs, increase property values and grow New Jersey’s economy,” Lautenberg said in the statement.

Under the terms of the proposal New Jersey Transit and Amtrak would add 13 and eight trains per hour, respectively, at peak times into New York.

Amtrak would spend $50 million on preliminary engineering and design work and take the lead in finding other funding sources, according to the statement.

Possible contributors include the states of New York and New Jersey; New Jersey Transit, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, as well as private investors.