“Americans think Russia is the least hospitable country” - Zoover.com

“Americans think Russia is the least hospitable country” - Zoover.com

The investigation carried out by Zoover.com holiday website concerning hospitality, in the course of which thousands of people have voted, proves in which country tourists are truly treated in the most hospitable way. From the American results it appears that Greece is chosen to be the country with the most hospitable people. Russia scores worst with 4% of all votes. The participants were able to choose from countries spread over the whole world.

The Americans choose Greece to be the most hospitable country

From the selection of countries spread over the world, the Americans have shown their favor for the Greek people when it comes to hospitality. Greece took a large lead over the other countries. The country has been declared winner by 20% of the voters, while Thailand and Australia were left behind with “only” 17% and 13% of the votes.

Russia scores badly

From the American results can be concluded that, compared to the Greek hospitality, the hospitality of the Russians is not good at all. With 4% of the votes the conclusion can be drawn that the Americans think of the Russians as the least hospitable people when visiting their country. France and Mexico are not known for their hospitality either with a score of 5% in the American results of the investigation.


The results

  Greece 20%
  Thailand 17%
  Australia 13%
  Great Britain 12%
  Croatia 10%
  Turkey 8%
  Egypt 7%
  France 5%
  Mexico 5%
  Russia 4%

1.467 people voted on the poll in the USA. The total number of votes of all international polls is 24.301

International results

The results of the investigation carried out in sixteen countries in total, reveal that Thailand, with a large majority of the votes, has been chosen to be the holiday destination with the most hospitable people. In more than half of all investigations it scores first place and an average of 26% of the votes. Turkey and Greece follow at quite a distance. They received 19% and 14% of the votes respectively.

The country that is considered to be the holiday destination with the least hospitable people is France. It received 4% of the votes. Russia is not known for its hospitable people either. It scored second last, with 5% of the votes.