American Airlines to continue to sell through Sabre, for now…

American Airlines to continue to sell through Sabre, for now…

Technology solutions giant Sabre and America Airlines have agreed an interim extension to their current contract “well into 2012” as they continue to battle out differences in the courts.

In a statement to corporate agencies earlier, American said legal proceedings could take until the end of next year to resolve.

The present contract between AA and Sabre had been due to expire today.

The interim deal between the two will expire 14 days after AA’s antitrust claims against Sabre are resolved.

Until then travel agencies and corporate customers will have full access to AA’s content via the Sabre GDS, explained Derek DeCross, AA’s vice president of global sales.

A trial is presently pending in Texas state courts with no trial date set.

Sabre and American Airlines have failed to agree how to distribute from bookings made through GDS systems.

American wants more of its travel partners, such as travel agencies and websites, to connect directly to American’s own reservations system, which would save booking fees.

“This agreement ensures regular, uninterrupted access to our content through the Sabre GDS, as American continues to pursue an equitable resolution of our claims in the courts,” DeCross said.

“In the meantime, American will continue to work with Sabre to define the basis of our future relationship.”