Amadeus unveils 16 contracts with airlines

Amadeus unveils 16 contracts with airlines

Sixteen airlines have signed up for Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services, of which nine will implement the solution both for the online and the travel agency channels. Two of those airlines – Cimber and Corsairfly – are live and in production, selling ancillary services on their websites and via travel agencies in Denmark, France, Norway and Sweden. Amadeus aims to enable travel agencies in 15 countries to sell ancillary services on behalf of airlines by the end of 2011.

“Amadeus Ancillary Services now provides travel agents with a fully competitive content comparable to that of the airline’s own website. It removes our need to differentiate between channels which will undoubtedly broaden the appeal of our travel services. We are thrilled to use this solution as it clearly benefits all parties involved”, says Carsten Jensen, Director Business System &Industry Relations at Cimber Sterling.

“At Amadeus, we are committed to helping airlines adapt and evolve their ancillary services strategy so that they can move their focus from pure revenue to delivering profitability”, says Julia Sattel, Amadeus VP Airline IT. “Whilst the sale of ancillary services may have become standard, the processes are not, and non-standard processes can be costly. Our goal is therefore to deliver end-to-end, fully integrated and automated solutions across all airline operations and processes; as the benefits are clear”.

Amadeus has developed a unique interactive catalogue which clearly displays the range of additional airline services available allowing travel agencies to view, book and up-sell ancillary services quickly and efficiently. The catalogue has been launched in cryptic so that travel agents who prefer to use the long-standing GDS interface can also sell ancillary services on behalf of airlines.

Airlines can drive loyalty with their top customers and maximise the value in their loyalty programmes by pricing à la carte services according to Frequent Flyer status. Airlines using the Altéa Customer Management Solution (CMS) can now automatically cancel services which are not ticketed within a time limit and make them available for other passengers to book. This helps airlines maximise their revenue.


Airlines using the Altéa CMS can also ensure that bad weather does not disrupt their ancillary revenues: if a flight is cancelled, the ancillary service is automatically rebooked for passengers when they are placed on another flight. Carriers on Altéa Departure Control System (DCS) can also now price and collect payment of excess baggage at check-in desks.