Amadeus shareholders approve dividend at AGM

Amadeus shareholders approve dividend at AGM

Amadeus IT Holding, S.A., parent company of the Amadeus Group, a leading transaction processor and provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry, announces that today at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the shareholders of the Company approved the annual dividend.

The total value of the dividend will be €134.3 million and represents a pay-out of 35% of the 2010 Reported profit for the year (excluding extraordinary items related to the IPO).  The dividend has a value of €0.30 per share and will be paid on July 27.

At the AGM the following Directors were re-elected for a three year term: Enrique Dupuy de Lôme Chavarri, Stephan Gemkow, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, Christian Boireau, Francesco Loredan, Stuart McAlpine, and José Antonio Tazón García.  The ratification and appointment of David Gordon Comyn Webster and Bernard André Joseph Bourigeaud as Independent Directors for three year terms was also approved.

All other agenda items proposed by the Board of Directors were also approved by the shareholders following a vote. A version of the full agenda and the complete accompanying documentation presented at the AGM can be found on the following webpage:

Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus, commenting on the AGM and shareholder approval of the proposals made by the Board of Directors, said:


“We thank the shareholders for their participation in the AGM, approval of all of the Board’s proposed agenda items, and continued support for the Amadeus senior management.

“2010 was a positive year for Amadeus, firstly because of the success of our return to the stock market, but also because our transaction-based model again proved adaptable and allowed us to benefit from the improvement in global travel. As a result, we further strengthened our financial position by substantially reducing our financial debt and our adjusted profit for the year grew by 24.3% to total €427.4 million.

“I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my sincere thanks to our customers for their continued loyalty and partnership, and also to our shareholders for supporting and enabling our financial evolution and growth. I also want to thank personally each and every employee at Amadeus, whose hard work, professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm made possible our success last year.”

At the AGM printed copies of the Annual Report were made available to shareholders. For reference, an electronic copy of the full Annual Report is available (in both English and Spanish)  at: