Amadeus Offers to speed up booking process

Amadeus Offers to speed up booking process

Amadeus has introduced a tool which automates the processing and presentation of multiple itinerary proposals to clients.

The product, called Amadeus Offers, is available to agents in North America.

Pitching Amadeus Offers as an effective solution for leisure and corporate agencies, Amadeus said the tool reduces the average time spent on trip management by as much as 60 per cent.

Agents using it do not have to create multiple passenger name records (PNRs) to store several itinerary options for clients.

Using the existing booking flow, trip quotes are stored in the same PNR as the itinerary, providing an instant view of a traveler’s options, Amadeus said.

Proposals can be quickly exchanged via an email that shows the agency’s name and logo, said Amadeus, and a booking can be made “in a few keystrokes” when a client approves an itinerary.