Amadeus launches global competition to find ‘Brighter, Bolder, Better’ ideas for travel

Amadeus launches global competition to find ‘Brighter, Bolder, Better’ ideas for travel

Amadeus, a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, today announces the launch of a new global competition designed to find innovative ideas that will help transform the travel experience.

The competition, which is now live at, was set-up by Amadeus in order to listen to what the industry believes needs to be improved in terms of the all-round travel experience, recognising that a good idea can come from anywhere.

To ensure industry-wide participation and neutrality, Amadeus is putting together a prestigious judging panel from across the travel industry. Initial confirmed judges include Andrew Tessler, Senior Economist at Oxford Economics and Mujteba Naqvi, Founder & CEO at Bonvoy Inc. The judging panel will also include members of Amadeus’ senior management.

The competition, which includes a cash prize of 20,000 EUR for the winning idea plus further cash prizes totalling 10,000 EUR, runs from December 15th 2010 until May 18th 2011. The winning idea will be selected solely by the judging panel, with the five ideas which receive the highest number of votes online also receiving 2,000 EUR each.

Cash prizes shall be subject to the appropriate tax reduction (withholding tax) in accordance with the Spanish Tax Legislation or Double Tax Treaty in force at the time of the payment. Full terms and conditions can be found online at


Ian Wheeler, VP Marketing and Distribution at Amadeus comments: “We’ve created ‘Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel’ because we genuinely want to listen to what the industry feels can be improved about the travel experience, from beginning to end. At Amadeus we always recognise true innovation and will support the winning idea with 20,000 EUR of our own money in order to help make it become a reality. Indeed, we are 100% committed to working towards a Brighter, Bolder, Better travel industry more generally and we look forward to the results of the competition being made public mid next year”.