Amadeus Dynamic Hotels Management Ink Deal

Amadeus Dynamic Hotels Management Ink Deal

Amadeus has signed its first customer for its flagship Hotel IT solution, Amadeus Hotel Platform.

Dynamique Hôtels Management (DHM), a hotel chain comprised of more than 120 properties, will be first to adopt the full suite of the Amadeus Hotel Platform, a centralised above-property solution which combines central reservation, global distribution and property management system into one fully integrated platform.

The migration process, which will be completed in six weeks, will replace DHM’s current central reservation system (CRS), call centre, booking engine and property management system with a single, centralised platform. Once the new platform is installed at the beginning of March, DHM will benefit from a unique single source solution that will permit DHM to centrally manage all its properties through a unique database, reducing the complexity of the hotel chain and property IT infrastructure, improving staff productivity and reducing operational costs.

“Amadeus has demonstrated its commitment to deliver a long term solution to DHM and has closely worked with us to understand our requirements, proposing the right solutions to improve our operational efficiency and ensuring a very safe, efficient and smooth migration process” commented François-Xavier Bertin, President, Dynamique Hôtels Management. “With Amadeus Hotel Platform, DHM has the right tool to build our brand promises at all levels, not only with guests but also with hotel owners.”

The adoption of Amadeus Hotel Platform is a quantum leap for DHM’s IT modernisation efforts that will permit the hotelier to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency while opening new horizons for delivering innovative guest services and generating new revenue opportunities.


“At a time when everyone talks about cloud computing technology and the IT challenges that hoteliers will need to face in the next 10 years, Amadeus is delivering a tangible solution that permits a centralised and cost-efficient management of hoteliers IT and business operations” commented Jérôme Destors, Director of Amadeus Hotel IT. “We are thrilled that DHM has chosen Amadeus Hotel Platform, the first ever open technology platform that integrates advanced hotel distribution features, sophisticated inventory and property operations functionality available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.”