Amadeus: Brits plan holiday escape during Olympic Games

Amadeus: Brits plan holiday escape during Olympic Games

Travel technology provider Amadeus has released data which shows there are still opportunities for the travel industry in the UK to capitalise on people’s travel plans during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The data reveals the travel intentions of Britons during this summer’s Olympics, showing that during the time of the Olympics, nearly one in five Britons is planning to take a holiday, either within the UK or abroad.

However, nearly half of these have not yet booked their whole holiday, revealing an opportunity for travel agents - as well as travel providers such as hotels and car rental firms - in the UK to capitalise on these travelling intentions.

The survey of over 2000 UK adults was conducted in June by YouGov on behalf of Amadeus UK.

Key findings include:

  • Ten per cent of Londoners intend to holiday inside the UK: The data shows that ten percent of people living in London are planning to go on holiday to a UK destination, other than London, at the time of the Games.

    This presents an opportunity for those agents and providers based inside the city to tailor packages specifically to an audience that is focussed on domestic travel.

  • Travel plans are being left until the last minute: Despite so many people intending to take a holiday during the Games, most have left their travel planning to the last minute: nearly half (43 percent) of those respondents who are planning to go on holiday during the Olympics have not yet booked their whole trip, representing a huge opportunity for British travel agents.

  • Travellers tempted away by bargains: A quarter of people surveyed (26 percent) said that a reduction in the cost of a trip would encourage them to take a holiday – either in the UK or abroad – during the Olympics, with one in five (21 percent) saying that they would be encouraged by offers of special deals.

    Some seven per cent would be interested in receiving suggestions by travel agents for breaks tailored to specific requirements that coincide with the 2012 Olympics.

    These figures suggest a huge appetite for special offers that could yet be capitalised on by the country’s travel providers and sellers.

    Commenting on the findings, Diane Bouzebiba, managing director of Amadeus, UK & Ireland, said: “Whil the Games undoubtedly present a very exciting prospect for lot of people, our survey shows that there are also plenty who are looking to get away – and nearly half of those haven’t yet booked their holiday.

    “With our data also revealing the huge appetite amongst the public for deals on travel, the Olympics clearly present a huge opportunity for travel agents in the UK.”