airberlin adopts Amadeus Ancillary Services

airberlin adopts Amadeus Ancillary Services

airberlin has adopted Amadeus Ancillary Services (AAAS) to distribute its ancillary offering to travel agencies, as well as through its website and other channels, including call centres and ticket offices.

The solution now enables Amadeus travel agents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to sell additional luggage, preferred seats and meals using Electronic Miscellaneous Document and helping them provide a more customised service to travellers.

The electronic messaging standard EMD facilitates the distribution and payment of ancillary services and is part of the e-Services IATA initiative to eliminate the use of paper and ease processes.

airberlin is also using Amadeus EMD when distributing a selection of its optional services in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

“airberlin wants to offer a consistent service to flight guests regardless of how they book,” said Jacob Fischer, vice president sales servicing & alliance sales, airberlin.

“Thanks to the Amadeus solution our guests can select a number of optional services when purchasing their ticket on or with any travel agent, or add on the service to their booking at any time before departure.

“This increases the reach of our offer as well as travellers’ loyalty.” 

AAAS is an end-to-end solution, compliant with industry standards, which enables users to offer services across all channels.

Amadeus has integrated a unique interactive catalogue in its travel agency selling platform which clearly displays the range of airline optional services available.