Air Lituanica flying twice daily to Amsterdam

Air Lituanica flying twice daily to Amsterdam

Air Lituanica continues to offer passengers more convenient connecting flights. From 15 September, the company‘s aircrafts will fly to Amsterdam not once but twice a day. Now flights will be carried out in the morning and in the evening. 

The flight departing in the evening from Vilnius – 6:10 pm, from Amsterdam – 8:30 pm. Flight duration is approximately 2 hours 20 minutes. Air Lituanica flights departing to Schiphol Airport have been operated since 8 July. The aircraft departs from Vilnius each day at 6:25 am.

“More frequent flights to Amsterdam ensure more convenient travel for both business and tourism passengers, – said Simonas Bartkus, Commercial Director of Air Lituanica. - Passengers are capable of using a wider range of connecting flights saving their time and travel costs.”

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the most popular choices for connecting flights from Europe to Asia and America. Therefore, Air Lituanica is ready to create for its passengers the conditions where the waiting time between flights is as short as possible, and if it necessary to wait longer, to offer how to spend time as efficiently as possible. 

In the Schiphol Airport, close to the usual shops, cafes and business clubs there is the Holland Boulevard that reminds of the real streets of Amsterdam so you can get acquainted to the city even not reaching it. There is also the world’s first public library in the airport and the famous Rijksmuseum – National Museum of the Dutch painting. 


For connecting flight passengers with a lot of time until the next flight, travel agencies offer special Amsterdam tours – 1 hour channel cruise in Amsterdam and 2.5 hour excursion to discover the city.

Passengers who do not opt for activities between flights but choose to relax can enjoy free browsing on the Internet or stay in the area of lounges. Those who want exceptional services are offered massages at the SPA Center or they can just to freshen up in the shower in one of the airport hotels – “Yotel” or “Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal”.

At Schiphol airport, great attention is paid to the little travellers. It has the “Baby care lounge” area –small rooms with beds for babies and comfortable furniture for children’s parents to relax. Children can have fun at the special “Children’s Forest” playground.