Air India among 10 global airlines chosen by IATA to pilot the SIS technology platform

Air India among 10 global airlines chosen by IATA to pilot the SIS technology platform

Kale Consultants Ltd., the leading solutions provider to the airline and travel industry, will assist Air India in its endeavour as the pilot carrier for IATA’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) platform. Air India would be testing the SIS platform on Kale’s REVERA® for passenger revenue accounting and FINESSE MBS for miscellaneous billing operations. This is a very prestigious initiative for Air India and would place them in the exclusive company of select few (10) airlines globally.

The announcement comes at a time when Air India and Kale celebrate the completion of two decades of partnership. The association began in 1991 when Kale initiated the passenger proration and revenue accounting project for Air India’s international line of business. Today, both the international and domestic revenue accounting processes are run on Kale’s REVERA and APEX platforms.

The partnership has further evolved to include services like airport custodian system, hosted cargo solution for the domestic arm of Air India and fare filing service. More recently, the national carrier has become the first airline in the world to implement Kale’s FINESSE Miscellaneous Billing Solution – which will make it compliant with upcoming industry standards. Kale has also ably supported Air India’s plans to be part of the Star Alliance by enhancing the revenue accounting processes to suit the alliance’s requirements.

An Air India spokesperson said “We rely on Kale’s domain knowledge and technology expertise and see it as a value provider rather than a service provider.

Neela Bhattacherjee, Head – Airlines SBU, Kale Consultants Ltd., said “With the airline industry moving towards automation and cost effectiveness, Air India is one of the few airlines globally who have taken proactive steps to harness innovation and technology. We are extremely privileged to be associated with Air India and are proud to be a trusted partner in the national carrier’s growth plans.”


Air India was Kale’s first customer in the airline domain – and today Kale provides solutions to over 80 airlines globally including 15 of the top 20 airlines.