Air France links with Delsey for new luggage collection

Air France has selected Delsey to design a line of luggage and accessories that is timeless, light and practical for their travellers.

Two French brands of international repute, both known to represent the subtle elegance and ‘savoir-vivre’ of French style, both key players in the world of travel: Air France and Delsey are combining their expertise to answer the specific needs of the traveller.

With the Evol and Destination, Air France and Delsey are offering two collections of decidedly chic and timeless design, that will simplify any trip and provide that final touch of elegance to contribute to a ‘bon voyage’ for the astute traveller.

Delsey has facilitated business travel by designing sustainable luggage that is practical and lightweight.

Because flying remains the primary mode of transport for most business travellers, the Soar Destination line has been designed specifically to suit that need.

Quality and capacity make this collection ‘must have’ luggage.

The discerning business traveller is satisfied only when their exacting standards are met.

Each little detail is important to support a successful business trip.

“It is essential that luggage is a true travel companion for the professional traveller that it moves at the right pace, silently, without difficult handling or close cornering.

“The luggage must be helpful but out of mind. Every business traveller needs to make the most of their time during their journey, with easy access to the things they need: a computer for work, magazines to relax.

“This is luggage with the traveller in mind and not the reverse,” explained Albert Engler, brand and design manager Delsey.