Air France - bodies found in wreckage

Air France - bodies found in wreckage

The wreckage was located less than 6 miles north of Flight 447’s last know location. Side-scan sonar detectors attached to an unmanned submarine discovered a field of debris across the ocean floor nearly 600 miles off the coast of Brazil.

Black and white images were taken by the Remus 6000, one of the unmanned submarines that is being used to comb the ocean floor for the wreckage. The parts photographed include parts of the fuselage, landing gear, wings, and engine.

In addition to finding parts of the plane, officials from the BEA also said multiple victims were clearly visible in from the high-resolution pictures taken by the Remus 6000. There are plans to recover the bodies and to identify them. Investigators said that it could take up to a month before special recovery vessels arrive on site to begin removing bodies and debris. According to French authorities a body was found still in its seat at a depth of 2.4 miles below the surface. Officials claim they will go about the recovery operation with dignified care.

Jean-PAul Troadec, director of the BEA said that investigators were now focusing their efforts on locating and retrieving the plane’s flight data and voice recorders. The flight data recorders may hold the answers to the actual cause of the crash. At the moment, investigators do not know if the recorders remained attached to the plane or if they were separated upon impact.

Nobody knows if the data in the flight recorders are even readable at this point. They have been submerged for almost two years and also under a lot of pressure.