Aerolines Argentinas adds 10 Boeing 737-700’s

Aerolines Argentinas adds 10 Boeing 737-700’s

Within the framework of the Business Plan for 2010-2014 and given the need to increase and modernize our fleet of narrow body planes today an agreement to incorporate 10 planes belonging to ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation) Boeing 737-700 NG was finalized. The planes are scheduled to be added between April 2011 and October 2012. The delivery of the first plane is estimated to be at the end of this month and will be for 5 years (60 months).

The agreement was approved by the President of Aerolineas Argentinas, Dr. Mariano Recalde and te CEO of ILFC, Henri Courpron.
These 10 planes have the same thrust, maximum operation weight and seat configuration as the B-737 NGs that are presently being used. This gives the company the possibility of having a commercially homogeneous fleet in 2012, with 22 “new generation” (NG) planes.
With the complete integration of these planes the average age of the fleet. In 2009 the average age was 15.6 years and in 2012 it will be 10.8 years. In other words, the average age of the fleet will be reduced 31 percent.

Some considerations:

• The leaser, prior to delivery agreed to increase the power of the engines and the takeoff weights of the planes as required by Aerolineas Argentinas. By doing so the 10 leased Boeing 737-700 will have the same features as the similar planes that are presently being used of domestic and regional routes.

• The planes will arrive painted with the company’s new image.


• Also, the interiors will be modified and configured with 8 seats in business class and 120 seats in economy class.

The 737-700 is able to fly 6,000 kilometers (3,200 nautical miles) which allows it to fly more than six hours. Its maximum cruising altitude is 41,000 feet and its maximum speed can reach 0.82 Mach, while its economic cruising speed is 0.79 Mach (853 KPH). The planes are equipped with two turbo fan engines manufactured in a joint venture by General Electric (USA) and SNECMA (France), and are known for their low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.
These models have a new wing design with advanced technology that increases the wings’ surface which allows for larger gas tanks.
The Boeing 737 is part of the family of commercial jets that have been sold more than any other in history. With more then 5,000 orders, it exceeds the number of aircraft (all models) of any other aircraft manufacturer.