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Aeroflot inks deal with Sabre

Aeroflot inks deal with Sabre

Aeroflot has signed a new agreement with global technology provider, Sabre Corporation to implement Sabre’s Intelligence Exchange solution.

Through Intelligence Exchange, Sabre has addressed one of the airline industry’s biggest challenges – how to gather, analyse and take action on disparate data from across an airline’s operations.  Solving this challenge drives immediate results by enabling the airline to generate incremental revenue, reduce costs and deliver a truly personalised experience to air travellers. 

Aeroflot will pioneer Sabre’s solution to help differentiate itself from its competitors and create additional revenue streams.

Kirill Bogdanov, Aeroflot Deputy Director General for IT, said: “We chose to expand our already successful relationship with Sabre because it offers the most advanced technology on the market, which will help us better understand our passengers in this data-rich era.  We are widely known in Russia for our innovation, and have ambitions to become one of the world’s largest carriers; working with Sabre puts us in the best position to achieve our goals by remaining ahead of our competition and leading the market through the use of technology that creates new, unrivalled experiences for our passengers.”

Dana Jones, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Sabre Airline Solutions, said:  “Passengers create huge data footprints when they travel, yet most airlines lack the infrastructure to harness this information, leaving almost 90% of traveller data unstructured.  By leveraging Intelligence Exchange to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time, Aeroflot can expect to receive incremental revenue.  We are proud to be partnering with Aeroflot to deliver innovative technology that helps meet its most critical business challenges – increasing profitability, managing costs and creating more personalised experiences for passengers.”


Aeroflot joins a growing group of airlines that are using this flexible platform to leverage real-time data, analytics and configurable rules engine to re-think business intelligence and how they deliver better business results – faster and more efficiently.

Sabre’s technology is favoured by more than 225 airlines worldwide. Its flexible and scalable software allows airlines to operate how they want to, and adapt their business to changing needs and requirements. It optimises day-to-day airline operations and ultimately helps airlines increase revenues, reduce costs and deliver better travel experiences.