Aer Lingus strike sees losses widen

Aer Lingus strike sees losses widen

Irish airline Aer Lingus has see an increase in passenger numbers during the first half of the year and expects to trade well for the coming six months, according to results released earlier.

However, the flag-carrier lost €27.8 million during the six months to June 30th, largely as the result of industrial action among staff.

The loss compares to the figure of €19 million for the same period last year.

Despite the increase, the airline remained upbeat.

“We have had a really good second quarter and we are sufficiently confident that we are increasing our guidance for the year,” confirmed Andrew Macfarlane from Aer Lingus.

“Looking ahead at our booking profile we are more confident now about the result for the year than we were earlier.

“We will struggle to do quite as well as we did last year - obviously one of the things we are looking at is the big increase in fuel prices.”