ABB in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway

ABB in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has specially designed and developed power supply and power traction systems and products for China’s fast growing electrified high-speed rail network. Most recently, a variety of ABB systems and products have been deployed in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, officially starting operation on June 30, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the world’s longest high-speed rail.

Bernd Muehe, Senior Vice President of ABB China and Head of the Power Products Division, North Asia Region and China, said, “ABB is a world leading supplier of rolling stock and rail line infrastructure equipment, capable of delivering a wide variety of systems, equipment, and products backed by our advanced technology. We are proud of participating in the world class high-speed rail project linking Beijing and Shanghai. It marks the recognition by Chinese customers of the strength of ABB’s railway transportation technology. In addition, ABB has also taken part in a number of other key railway projects in the country, such as the Wuhan-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Nanjing, Zhengzhou-Xi’an, and Wuhan-Hefei high-speed lines, contributing to the fast development of the country’s railway industry.”

The substation is a key aspect of rail line infrastructure, ensuring the power supply to the locomotives, telecommunications and signal systems. In the Beijing-Shanghai railway, ABB GIS switchgears and circuit breakers were deployed in the power supply systems of the railway substations. ABB ZX 1.5 R GIS switchgear was specially developed for China’s electrified high-speed railway. It features a compact design using 70% less space and sealed high-voltage components for improved safety. ABB compact box-type substations and ring main units were used in the rail signaling system to secure reliable signal service.

Traction transformers are core equipment in the rolling stocks power system, supplying reliable power for high-speed locomotives. ABB traction transformers were used in CRH380BL electric multiple unit (EMU) trains specially designed for the Beijing-Shanghai line. ABB traction transformers feature a compact design and high temperature and mechanical shock resistance, while improving the energy efficiency of EMU trains. The CRH380BL trains run at a consistent speed of 350km/hour with a top speed of 380km/hour and boast the world’s top class standards in power, safety, and environmental performance.

High-speed railway projects include rolling stock equipment and rail line infrastructure construction. ABB is able to provide a full range of equipment for rolling stock manufacturers and rail operators, including traction system, power supply equipment, FACTS, network management solution and SCADA system.


ABB has also taken part in numerous high-speed railway projects in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, and Britain. ABB traction transformers and power supply system were deployed in the French V150 high-speed train to set a new speed record of 574.8 km/hour. ABB also provided a full range of traction transformers and power distribution systems to the world’s longest railway tunnel in the Swiss Lotschberg line, as well as a turn key traction power supply solution to the English-France Channel Tunnel Rail Link.