1/3 of first time cruisers are under 30

1/3 of first time cruisers are under 30

An independent cruise comparison website has conducted research to discover how old British cruisers are when they first experience a holiday on a cruise liner. The aim of the study was to investigate common misconceptions surrounding the age of those who go on cruising holidays. 

In a bid to discover more about British cruisers and investigate common misconceptions of cruise holidays, an independent cruise comparison website conducted a study to look in to the matter further.

The research, conducted by www.CruiseCompare.co.uk, polled 1,382 people across Britain, each of whom had been on one or more cruising holiday. The aim of the study was to establish how old British cruisers are when they experience their first cruise, as well as what aspects of a cruise holiday mostly appealed to them.

Respondents to the study were initially asked the age they were when they embarked on their first cruise. Although the majority, 48%, of the cruisers polled were aged 50+ when they first went on one, the study found that a fifth, 21%, of the respondents were aged 25 – 30 when they went on their first cruise. 

To investigate the matter further, the respondents aged 25 – 30 were then asked to explain their reasons for choosing a cruise holiday. Whilst more than a third, 34%, stated that they choose their first cruise for a ‘romantic break,’ a quarter, 24% admitted that they decided on a cruise above any other holiday for the ‘chance to see multiple destinations’. 


Furthermore, a fifth, 19%, of the respondents who experienced their first cruise holiday at the age of 25 – 30 stated that it was because of the ‘value for money’ involved.

According to the research, more than a tenth, 12%, of the respondents asked were aged 20 – 24 when they experienced their first cruise holiday. The majority of these respondents, 39%, said that their reason for choosing a cruise holiday was for the ‘chance to see multiple destinations’.

Danielle Fear, managing director of CruiseCompare.co.uk, had the following to say:

“The main aim of this research was to discover if the misconception that cruising holidays are preferred by the older generations was in fact true. It was pleasing to discover that this isn’t always the case and that such a large number of first time cruisers are fairly young when they embark on their first cruise.  It will be interesting to revisit this research in 12 months time, as families are starting to see the benefits involved in a cruise holiday and are deciding to venture on to the ships and travel the ocean rather that stick to the traditional package holiday.”

She continued,

“A decade ago, cruise holidays were seen as a form of break that were only for the over fifties or the extremely wealthy. Thankfully, this stigma is becoming more a thing of the past as each holiday season passes. As a result, many young men and women, families, groups of friends and newlyweds are choosing to go on a cruise for their holiday. There are so many exciting activities now available on cruise liners, that it seems a shame for young people not to get on board!”