Where to stay when planning your family Florida holiday

Where to stay when planning your family Florida holiday

The state of Florida in the south-east of the United States has long been a magnet for various people. Native American, African American, Hispanic and Latino, and European American influences have all fed into Florida’s modern culture, while the state has attracted writers including Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway. It also has plenty of family-friendly attractions, but Florida is a large place - here are examples of where you can stay to make more of it readily accessible.

Posh South Beach, Miami
Miami is a major city on south Florida’s Atlantic coast - and more of the settlement’s attractions can be on the doorstep when you stay at Posh South Beach. The Guardian describes it as “a multimillion-dollar home converted into a five-star hostel” - and, conveniently, it’s pretty close to Miami’s well-known Ocean Drive. This hostel’s prestige features include a rooftop pool and elegant bathrooms accessible through a mirror-lined “pampering” corridor equipped with hairdryers.

Disney Area Villa
The Walt Disney World Resort is the most prestigious of the various Disney-run destinations around the world. We can’t even begin to imagine how excited your kids could be to see it - and there are various family villas in the nearby area. With Ocean Florida, you can book an Executive, Executive Plus, Platinum, or Ultimate package for a stay in one of these Florida villas, all of which are sited less than 25 minutes away from the Walt Disney World Resort.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa
Eau Palm Beach, a beautiful property located at the beach and only slightly south of Palm Beach, has what The Telegraph has called “an extremely thoughtful array of family facilities and activities”. Those include AquaNuts, an activity centre for children in the 5-12 age range; the lounge Coast, where teens can dance and socialise; and a child-friendly pool. We mention all of this before even noting that Eau Palm Beach is near a town which is a lovely attraction in itself: Palm Beach.

Legoland Florida Resort, Winter Haven
If your kids love Lego, they can enjoy a lot more - and we really do mean a lot more - of those lovable plastic bricks when you take your children to Legoland Florida Resort. It was built primarily to delight kids, who can marvel at highly colourful interiors with Lego toys and play areas. There’s also a disco theme - including music and lighting - to the lifts. Especially excitingly, the hotel is very close to the Legoland Florida theme park’s main gates.

Surf Studio Beach Resort, Cocoa Beach
Florida’s 72-mile Space Coast is so-called due to being the location of Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. This coast is also home to great beaches, the closest of which to Orlando - an hour away by car - is Cocoa Beach. This area’s Surf Studio Beach Resort has 11 rooms and a large oceanfront pool. The motel was built by Norman Greenwald, a New York native, in 1948; he later became romantically involved with one of the guests.