What is going on in Florida in 2014?

What is going on in Florida in 2014?

It’s time to start planning that summer holiday, and holidays to Florida in 2014 are going to be popular! Especially for people from the UK Florida is one of the most favoured holiday destination and holiday providers such as Florida4Less offer some great deals for the 2014 season. So what’s going to be happening next year? Well, here are a few fun and quirky things that have caught our eye taking place in the beautiful sunshine state next year:

The Great Bull Run
Grab life by the horns with this incredibly unique experience. Taking place at Little Everglades Ranch in central Florida, experience the rush of adrenaline as you spring down a quarter-mile track with a group of 1,000 pound bulls running after you.
When the run has finished, you can take part in their extremely fun Tomato Royale food fight and have a daylong celebration at the huge festival. There will be live music, lots of food, ice cold beers and heaps of games and attractions; it’s not one to be missed! If you don’t fancy running with the bulls you can always watch from the side-lines instead.

There are lots of different ticket options available, and the earlier you book them the bigger the discount you receive.
When: February 2014

Bollywood Comes To Florida
Tampa officials recently announced that Bollywood’s version of the “Oscars” would be coming to Florida in 2014.
The International Indian Film Academy’s Weekend & Awards is going to attract thousands of people from across the world to Tampa. The awards ceremony takes place in a different city around the world – this year it is being held in Macau.
This will be a very exciting event and if you are a film buff it’s definitely not something to miss.
When: June 2014

Sarasota Dragon Boat Festival
Taking place once every four years, this exciting event for breast cancer survivors takes place under the auspices of the IBCPC. The 2014 Dragon Boat Festival is the first one to take place in the US. It will be hosted by two Florida teams “The Pink Dragon Ladies” of Tampa and “Save Our Sisters” of Miami, both excited to meet anyone attending and make it a memorable event for all involved.
Sarasota is a great location to have this festival as it is half way between Tampa and Miami. The festival includes races, workshops, skills sessions and most of all bundles of celebration!
When: October 2014

There are going to be some really fantastic events taking place in Florida in 2014, so make sure you get your holiday booked soon!


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