What does Google Know about me?

Worried about What Google Knows about you and me?

Google Privacy Dashboard tries to alleviate criticism of the search giant curating user data by making users more aware of the information Google stores about us. Google also provides access to detailed settings so that users can adjust the privacy settings to their own comfort level.

I like how Google Frames the discussion in the video below:

“What does google store in my account?” instead of “What does Google know about me?”

Am I getting a little paranoid here? Is Google telling all that Google knows about me?


I’ve always been aware of Google knowing lots about me because of the services I use, but the description of how Google uses the Interests Poll Gadget got me a bit more concerned about the how Google uses information about me.

Are you concerned about online privacy with Google, Facebook or other Websites? Are your guests? Does it affect the way your guests share information online?