Viking River Cruises introduces their new Ocean Cruise ship

Viking River Cruises introduces their new Ocean Cruise ship

Traditionally, taking a cruise is one of the ultimate getaways – a holiday experience like no other. This is what a cruise should be: not a predictable, cookie-cutter experience on a gigantic ship with thousands of other passengers covering the same territory that cruises have been covering for decades, but rather a comfortable yet adventurous journey to interesting parts of the world on a luxurious vessel.

Why Typical Cruises Are Not For You
The idea that many people now have of a “typical” cruise is unfortunate: an undersized cabin in a tired vessel, culinary experiences that veer a little bit too close to the dining hall at work, the same sort of tacky “entertainment” options one would find at any number of generic family resorts, “extra” charges for almost every amenity, and travel to the same old destinations that cruises have been covering for decades.

It used to be the case that people who take a cruise were trying to avoid the typical hectic, congested resort that in many ways has the same stresses as the workaday world. However, a holiday should be a break from the pressures of ordinary life, especially a holiday as unique as a cruise.

How Cruises Are Changing
These are some of the things taken into account with the advent of a new ocean cruise line that just recently launched out of the UK. There is little that is typical about Viking Ocean Cruises – a cruise line designed to give you the kind of experience that a cruise should offer and more.

In many ways a cruise is, or at least should be, about exploration, and the journeys to be offered by Viking Ocean Cruises are planned with just that in mind. The destinations visited will be the kind worth exploring, including cities from St. Petersburg to Barcelona to Venice to Istanbul. The stops at these destinations will not just be for a couple of hours – as a passenger, you will have enough time to truly discover these remarkable cities, including some overnight stays.

However, as with their river cruises in Europe, the voyage is at least as much about the journey as it is about the destination and the journey on the all-veranda Viking Star will be a journey like no other, with smaller ships designed for maximum comfort, spacious staterooms, on board spa, cinema and live theatre, and an unusually wide variety of dining options to suit every taste and preference.

No Extra Costs
The one thing that is also offered that might be most refreshing to you, the cruise-goer, is an all-inclusive fare. When you step aboard the new Viking Star liner, everything is included with your fare, including all of your meals, beverages, and even Wi-Fi. This level of inclusion might be unusual in the cruise industry, but it is just one of the things that sets this holiday apart.

The lodging, food, beverages, and entertainment might be free on the cruise, but everything about your accommodation is designed to provide an unmatched holiday experience. You will be travelling on an elegant yet contemporary high-end hotel, not a cheap motel on the ocean.
This new type of cruise experience is coming soon and now is the time to begin planning your own unique cruise experience. You can go to the website of Viking Ocean Cruises and sign up to be the first to hear the latest news about the launch.