Travelport launch a brand new alternative to Travel Commerce.

Travelport launch a brand new alternative to Travel Commerce.

Travelport​ has rounded off an 18-month branding project by launching a brand new high-end B2B commercial entitled ‘W​e’re There​, the video itself redefines the way we look at Travel Commerce and Travel Commerce Platforms.

It conveys how every single second, everywhere in the world where travel is searched, shared, bought or sold, Travelport are there. The film ends by revealing that every journey, itinerary and location shot in the ad, and those undertaken by the crew that made it, were searched, booked and paid for on the Travelport platform.

Established in 1971, Travelport now has ​4​00+ of the world’s leading airlines, 650,000 + global hotel properties, 35,000 car rental companies, 12 major rail networks and 67,000+ travel agencies at their disposal whilst also providing distribution, technology, payment and other services for the $8 trillion global travel and tourism industry through 3 succinct strategies:

1. Connect, Share & Promote
2. Search, Sell & Pay
3. Partner, Build and Innovate

Gordon Nardini, Senior Director, Marketing at Travelport​commented; The ‘We’re There’ not only helps us explain the value that our platform brings to the travel industry, but also the very human side of our business, which is about helping people to get wherever they need to be all around the world, for a huge range of reasons. The film shows how we help the travel industry and the world’s travellers in so many different ways.”

Penni Hardy, Senior Manager, Global Brand, Travelport added : “​Travelport believes passionately in getting the best brains together, and this commercial has been a creative collaboration between the brand teams in Langley and Atlanta, the team at Purple Creative and Connected Pictures. Everyone who has been involved has made their mark and we’re very proud of not only the final film, but also the way we have all worked together to make it happen.”