Travelling For Treatment: Why Many Are Opting For Dental Tourism

Travelling For Treatment: Why Many Are Opting For Dental Tourism

Europe has always been a desirable location in terms of holidays, with its stunning cities and rich history, but now it’s gaining a reputation for being a top quality dental destination. In particular, Poland has started to see a huge rise in UK patients who want the best of both worlds when it comes to looking after their teeth – top quality dental treatment at a fraction of the price it would cost at their local dentist’s practice.

These cost savings are the main attraction for many UK residents who simply can’t afford the high costs of many dental procedures, from crowns to dental implants and bridges; in fact, with savings running into the thousands of pounds, some patients these days only consider travelling abroad for their dental treatments instead of staying at home. The lack of expense isn’t the only advantage, however; while some UK patients may be wary of getting their dental treatment abroad, dental travel companies operating in European countries ensure that their dentists are fully qualified, that their facilities are clean and of the highest standard, and that there is always an English speaking representative present should any communication problems occur. They offer a high standard of care in comfortable, relaxed surroundings – a vital element if the patient is nervous regarding any kind of medical procedure. Customers benefit from the state-of-the-art treatment centres, while at the same time having the opportunity to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Patients can book their dental treatment holidays through a dental travel operator – a company who works with a regular travel operator in order to organise the treatments, transport and accommodation for their clients. Polish My Smile is a renowned dental travel operator who, over the past 12 months alone, has organised dental treatments for over 1000 Brits in Poland. As a relatively small company, this number of patients exemplifies the popularity of dental tourism amongst UK residents, and it’s set to become even more common in the future as citizens of Great Britain continue to discover the benefits of getting dental treatment abroad. With the case of Polish My Smile, the company offers treatments in Krakow, Poland, with their patients enjoying both the architectural delights of the city and the cutting edge facilities of their clinics.

‘Dental tourism’ may not be a familiar term to everyone, but with its popularity well and truly on the rise, this looks set to change in the near future, especially as word of the potential savings and high quality of care get passed on to others in need of either basic or extensive dental work.

Further details regarding dental tourism – and its cost benefits and other advantages – can be found online at dental travel operator sites such as Polish My Smile.