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Travel Tech - stay safe on the go

Travel Tech - stay safe on the go

Researching your next adventure begins with technology. Blogs, reviews, user rated hotels, flight times, transfers. The weather. The currency. The hidden extras that not every tourist gets to see. Without technology we’d all be left thumbing through colourful sales-driven travel brochures and relying on the accuracy of paid write-ups that claim every destination is perfect for all ages (and close to the beach). Thankfully, the world-wide window on wandering the well-travelled - and the not so well-travelled - path is available. The internet and travel are made for each other.

Often the only thing holding us back from setting out on that trip of a lifetime is the organisation and the dread thought of being stranded without access to the web. But what if those mental blocks could be removed? What if we could see how easy it could be to be the person in the photos, instead of forever being the onlooker wishing our lives were more exciting?

Let’s look at how upgrading your travel tech could get you from A to B and back again, completely hassle free and with stories to tell.

The Planning Stage
If your current online setup involves a tired old laptop that grinds to halt every time a pop-up or auto-play video appears unexpectedly on your screen, you need an upgrade. Travellers need answers. Lots and lots of answers. You need to compare options and prices. You need fast knowledge. What you don’t need is a frozen ‘loading wheel’ eating into both your planning time and your excitement. Check out some fantastic laptop deals and give yourself the gift of seamless surfing.

But that’s not all. While a laptop offers the luxury of high-def panoramic views that can help you to pick and decide where you want to go, there’s the small issue of needing safe web access on the move. That’s where a smart watch comes in…

Travel Safe with a Smart Watch
There’s nothing these ingenious little devices can’t do. But first of all, why is accessing the web ‘on the go’ through a smart watch considered the safer way to travel? Picture the scene. You’re stood in a busy international airport or in a high ceiling-ed city centre train station, or perhaps you’re crossing a road on the way to your hotel. You need to check something. Directions. Currency conversions. The details of your booking, or perhaps you wish to hail a cab. You’re alone, carrying heavy bags, unable to move quickly, and you’ve probably just taken your expensive smart phone out of your pocket to check whatever’s on your mind …

… every pick-pocket within half a mile has now made a note. But it doesn’t have to be like that. A smart watch straps safely to your arm. Within a few taps, you’ve checked your reservations, ordered a cab, and even looked up a choice of local greetings. Don’t let the would-be thieves know about your smart phone, tablet, or laptop tucked away safely in a zip up compartment. Plus, the convenience of having information on your wrist is freeing. Keep your messages, phone calls, emails, ticket info, and much more within at-a-glance reach at all times.

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