Top caravan accessories

Top caravan accessories

If you’re going on an extended caravan holiday this year or staying in a static caravan park, there are a number of different caravan accessories you should consider investing in to make your experience safer and more enjoyable.

Caravan Porch Awning
For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors while caravanning, investing in a porch awning is highly recommended. Whether offering shade from the sun or shelter from the rain, awnings are a great way of adding usable space. There are a number of different sizing and styling options available so all tastes and requirements can be catered for.

Folding dog house
No caravan holiday is complete without the family dog . Space can be an issue with caravan trips, but by investing in a fold-out dog house, you can ensure your pet has a comfortable and secure external shelter for the night. These houses can be folded up into small bags which take up virtually no space - ideal for taking on travelling caravan holidays.

Caravan Safe
Caravan break-ins can be common in high-risk areas, so it’s always wise to have some form of safe to secure your valuable belongings like jewellery and passports. Always look for a safe that can be hidden out of plain sight, as large visible ones are practically an invitation to thieves.

Caravan Alarm System
There are myriad caravan alarm systems on the market for static and touring caravans, campervans and motorhomes. Purchasing a high-quality alarm system will provide peace of mind, as they are harder to deactivate. If you are frequently away from your caravan it may be wise to invest in an alarm system that can notify you via SMS. The added advantage of having a comprehensive alarm system is that you will significantly reduce your static caravan insurance premium.

External lighting
If you plan to spend evenings outside reading or relaxing with a glass of wine, having some form of external lighting will be necessary. There are many different lighting options that can be hung on or mounted directly to the caravan or the awning, depending on your setup. It’s also good to consider using external lighting as a thief deterrent.

Outdoor folding Barbecue
Eating outdoors is one of life’s pleasures. But cooking inside a caravan with limited facilities and space can be taxing to say the least, so having some form of outdoor barbeque can be highly liberating.