Top 5 Of Budapest

Top 5 Of Budapest

In a survey of European holiday destinations that offer fantastic value for money and a very affordable standard of living, Budapest scores very highly. In an era of budget airfares, there is an increasing opportunity to see more of the world but just because people are spending less doesn’t mean that they are going to compromise on quality. Thankfully, Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, offers plenty to see and do, no matter what your interests are. The fact that there is such an affordable cost of living should ensure you get to see and enjoy much ion your trip without spending too much money.

Here is a top 5 of Budapest activities and sights.

Cruise Down The River Danube
Whether you have spare time during the day or the evening, you will find that a trip down the Danube is always a very good day. Budapest is a highly beautiful city that will appeal at all times but taking a river cruise down the Danube river will provide you with the opportunity to view the splendid architecture and scenery in style. There are a range of options to choose from with the array of river cruises and if you will find boats with audio headsets if you would like a guide during your tour. Alternatively, you can sit back and relax while enjoying the view by itself. There are also romantic cruises and dinner cruises to look out for on the Danube so no matter what sort of cruise you are looking for, there will be something of interest.

Try the local wine
You may not naturally associate Hungary with wine but there are a lot of great wines in the region. If you would like to explore and taste many of the great local wines, the Faust Wine Cellar is the ideal place to check out your options. This is found in the labyrinth that is underneath the Buda Castle and you will get to experience wine from 22 different regions of Hungary. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge of wine or you fancy trying out many different styles, this experience is one that will be loved by many during a trip to Budapest.

Soak in the Széchenyi Baths
Sometimes when you travel, you just want to relax. Whether you do this through ensuring you have travel insurance in place or taking every precaution is up to you. However, if you want to have a very relaxing time, make sure you visit the Széchenyi Baths. This is an example of the Turkish influence in Hungary and the thermal waters of the outdoor pools will help to put your mind at ease and will relax your body. These pools can become quite busy at peak times but arriving early or late in the day will ensure the pools are quieter. You can also receive the benefit of seeing the sun rise or set in a glorious location.

Buda Castle
A castle is always a worthwhile tourist destination and Buda Castle offers a lot for tourists of all ages and interests. There is a great deal of entertainment on offer in and around the castle so even if the thought of touring an exquisite historical building doesn’t interest you; there will be plenty of other activities to enjoy.

Memento Park
If you are looking for statues and a connection to former times in Budapest, this is the place for you. Memento Park has been billed as a “Socialist Disneyland” and with statues of Lenin, Marx, Bela Kun and many others; this is a fascinating insight into the former life of Hungary. There is also a visitors centre with documentary footage and lot more information about the secret agents who collected information on the population.

When heading to Budapest, make sure you have your passport, your single trip travel insurance, some money and a list of these great sights and attractions to make sure you make the most of what is on offer from such a glorious city.