The Rise Of Health Holidays

The Rise Of Health Holidays

Many of us come back from our holiday having piled on the pounds, and it’s often a post-holiday ritual to step on the scales and see just what the damage is. However, more and more people are now starting to use their precious time off to invest in some self-improvement, and this can mean booking an organised health holidays. There are lots of reasons why a health holiday can be good for you, whether it’s to kickstart a new regime, or to get you to your goal, and here are a few reasons why you should consider booking one.

Professional help
With so much information out there, it can be really difficult to know the best way to lose weight. You may find you plateau after a while, or may feel frustrated with a lack of results. Therefore, it can help to have professionals on hand who know everything about weight loss and have helped many other clients. This could include:

- Nutritionists – they will help you make a food plan for your time on holiday, and how to maintain when you get home
- Personal trainers – they can help you get the most out of your workout, and can give you that extra push you might need
- Counsellors – some holidays include sessions with trained counsellors who can help you confront your issues with food, and get you ready for your change of lifestyle

Change of scenery
The everyday grind of working, studying, childcare, or other responsibilities can make it hard to stick to a plan. Having a change of scenery can get you into the right head space to start a whole new lifestyle. It’s also a great excuse to see somewhere beautiful, and areas such as Devon are a perfect location for health boot camps as they have lots of lovely outdoor places to explore, plus plenty to do during your time off.

Me time
It’s very easy to neglect yourself on a daily basis, and many of us simply never take the time to look after our bodies or concentrate on eating well. By going on a health holiday, you shift the focus to yourself, and can start to pick up good habits, ready for your return home.

Team work
Trying to reach your goal can feel a little lonely at times, and it can be nice to feel as if you’re part of a team trying to lose weight or meet some other goal. Many experts believe that working out in a group is better, and if you don’t have any fitness fanatic friends, then going on a health holiday like a boot camp can let you enjoy that experience. Working out with others gives you a reason to get up early and train, and means you can’t slack off mid-workout. You may even meet some new friends during your retreat.

There are lots of reasons why health holidays, from spas to boot camps, are becoming so popular. With lots of kinds of holiday on offer, you can choose one that matches your goals, and start working towards a better you.