The Philippines, Safe for Travelers Again

The Philippines, Safe for Travelers Again

If you are thinking about travel, either for business or pleasure perhaps one of the things you will consider is peace and quiet. You want to feel safe, not only on your transit but also during your stay.

While in the Philippines, tourism has then become one of the major industries with a significant share of the country’s economy, in 2014 it has a majestic 7,000 islands to choose, from soul-searching to fun and adventure, and even on exploring your opportunity of retiring in the Philippines.

Forbes magazine ranked the capital city of Negros Oriental, urban Dumaguete or better known as the “City of Gentle People” as the fifth on the list of best places to retire, with a standard of living which is not high and there are plenty of good beaches to relax at as it is a travel hotspot.

There has been even a variety of methods to use in the method of crowdfunding so you can enjoy your next vacation, even in the Philippines. Today, we will go over the full benefits of the Philippines and why it should be your next travel destination.

Change in Leadership
With the installation of President-elect, Rodrigo R. Duterte, who bowed to put an end to the activities of terror groups and criminal syndicates, tourists can feel safer when visiting the Philippines.
Newly elected President Duterte has proven himself on making a territory secure like urban Davao when he is still its Mayor, as it ranked as the 4th safest city in the world, posting a safety index of 82.06 or a crime index of 17.96, according to a survey. President Duterte makes things possible on the positive outlook of internal peace and security

Recent Developments
The Philippine Army and the Police Force are now ready on its mandate under the summons of their Commander-in-Chief for dealing with criminals and those who have kidnapped foreigners in the past.

Also, thousands of dangerous drug personalities surrendered to the government, which made significant arrests of drug distributors and noted drugs lords were neutralized with a number being slain on law enforcement operations.

Even high-ranking military and police officers involved in criminal activities from coddling to providing support to syndicated crime groups are now monitored to stop on their nefarious enterprise. Of course, this political transformation could not be continuously realized without the support from the citizens for which the present state now enjoys overwhelming on all sectors of society.

That aside from treating with serious dispatch on peace and order and internal security, the current Duterte governance is amenable to the suggestion of the Philippine tour operators (Philtoa) which urge to build upon the gains of the previous President Aquino administration in the tour industry.

It considers the drawn-up 12-point agenda which focus on the required infrastructure, boosting the competitiveness of the Philippine tourism and increasing both inbound and outbound tourism as relevant to the demands of times.

The Philippines has been known for the beautiful beaches, warm and friendly people, and amazing cultural heritage. Today there is more to look forward to, In Philippine travel” under the present dispensation. The Philippines welcomes travelers all over the world to explore and know that the current administration has your safety and enjoyment at heart and has ensured that this is the best vacation you’ll ever take.