The Grenada Song’ Debuts With Miss Grenada At ‘A Taste of the Caribbean’ Festival

The Grenada Song’ Debuts With Miss Grenada At ‘A Taste of the Caribbean’ Festival

U.S. vocalist Gabrielle Mon Desire’s recently released single, ‘The Grenada Song’ will share the spotlight with Miss Grenada at ‘A Taste of the Caribbean Festival’ in Montreal Canada.

The Grenada Song will accompany Cherrie Jones, Miss Grenada 2011-2012 as she walks the stage at ‘A Taste of the Caribbean’ Sunday May 27, 2012. The song’s evocative lyrics and lilting island melody provide a musical glimpse into Grenada and a fitting backdrop for Grenada’s reining beauty queen.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” says vocalist MonDesire, “’The Grenada Song’ is a recording that I put my heart into. To have my single chosen for Miss Grenada is an honor.”

‘The Grenada Song’ marks MonDesire’s recording debut. With sultry vocals, she takes a song or place and veers it into love song territory. MonDesire was born in Boston and raised on the US/Canada border, but her passion for Grenada shines through.

Award-winning writer Daria MonDesire composed the lyrics and music to ‘The Grenada Song’. MonDesire’s segue into song-writing may mean the idea of singer-songwriter needs to be expanded. She is singer Gabrielle MonDesire’s mother. The vocalist’s younger sister adds, “I love you, Grenada” at the intro to ‘The Grenada Song’, making it a true family affair.

‘The Grenada Song’ is a release of Charlevoix Records, the family’s independent, U.S. based label. The boutique label focuses exclusively on, ‘special songs for special places’. A single celebrating Grenada’s sister isle of Carriacou is scheduled for spring 2013 release.

Listeners can download ‘The Grenada Song’ free of charge on the song’s website. Downloads are also distributed on iTunes and Amazon.