The Caribbean – Great for even the most active of holidaymakers

The Caribbean – Great for even the most active of holidaymakers

If your idea of a great holiday involves more than simply laying on the beach, then you’re not alone (although it might feel like it when your sun-loving other half glares at you for telling them that you’re bored for the fifth time that morning), and in fact you’re better catered for than you might think.

Take Caribbean cruises for example (and you should – there’s some great cruise deals out there at the moment). Once you’ve flown out to meet your ship (flights are included), you’ll have entertainment on tap – both whilst on board and when you go ashore. On board, there’s a huge list of activities designed to entertain the more active of passengers. The list is almost endless, but a P&O Cruises holiday includes things as diverse as a fully equipped gym open from early in the morning; cinemas showing the latest films; talks on diverse and interesting topics (sometimes with celebrity speakers); pub quizzes; West End style shows and numerous pools. Of course, there are plenty of sunbeds for the sun worshippers to while away the hours for those that don’t need so much stimulation.

Whilst ashore there’s an equally impressive choice of activities to keep you entertained. The beauty of a cruise holiday is that you can choose to book a shore excursion through your cruise company – often giving you access to excusive excursions and better rates. Or you can choose to go it alone; this is always worth considering if you want to get away from your fellow passengers for the day. And if you’re going to look for thrills on you shore days, then why not consider something a little more adventurous? Although personally I like the security of knowing the ship won’t sail without me, so I often take the shore excursion option – if you go ashore independently, it’s up to you to make sure you get back before the ship leaves.

Helicopter tours
Sometimes a tour on land just doesn’t do your destination justice – particularly if your destination boasts a volcano and lush rainforest. In this case, a helicopter is the only way to travel. Get above the tree tops to discover a bird’s eye view of the island, with the added benefit of being able to slow down or hover to get the very best view.

Whale and Dolphin watching in Dominica
Prepare to be left speechless as you meet wild whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. You’ll join local experienced captains and crew to search for these beautiful creatures in the clear waters that surround Dominica. Whilst a sighting can never be guaranteed, Dominica is known as the whale watching capital of the Caribbean so there’s a good chance you’ll spot a majestic whale or playful pod of dolphins at some point – I’ve been on several whale and dolphin watching tours and have seen amazing sights on every one. If you’re not so lucky, there’s still the amazing weather and peaceful Caribbean to enjoy whilst at sea.

Learn more about Whale and Dolphin watching in Dominica by visiting the P&O Cruises website

Head underwater
The warm waters of the Caribbean are home to a vast array of brightly coloured tropical fish and other ocean dwelling creatures – including turtles and dolphins.  Crystal clear water and large coral reefs make practically anywhere in the Caribbean a diver’s paradise. And you needn’t be Jacques Cousteau to enjoy these underwater delights. If you can swim, then you can get in the water with friendly guides and get snorkelling. The beauty of snorkelling with a guide is that they know the area and where to find the best fish, and know how to safely attract the wildlife for a closer look.

And if getting wet isn’t your thing, then why not try a submarine tour? No longer the preserve of James Bond, companies are now offering trips in safe submersibles that boast large viewing windows to allow you to get close to the underwater action.

You can learn more about exploring the sea by submarine by visiting the P&O Cruises website.

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