The Camper’s Guide for Vacationing in Tahoe

The Camper’s Guide for Vacationing in Tahoe

Madison is a small, gorgeous city that would make a great place for you next vacation. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons why Madison should be at the top of your list when it comes to travel destinations.

A Well-Groomed City
Madison is clearly a city that some like to call “beauty-conscious.” This city is home to the hourglass isthmus which is hugged by crystal clear lakes on either side, breath-taking hills, and a nice mix of woods and prairie, making it a gorgeous city to spend your vacation. Madison was the first city in the country to adopt zoning laws to ensure the city kept an aesthetic look.

In 1921, a height limitation for all buildings was created by John Nolen to ensure that the Capitol dome would continue to dominate Madison’s skyline. Horace Greeley, the famous editor of the New York Tribune, visited Madison in 1854 and said that Madison “has the most magnificent town site of any inland city in the West.”

Intelligence Around Every Corner
After Madison was chosen to be the capital city of Wisconsin in 1836, a handful of leaders in the city worked to make it the home of the University of Wisconsin as well. In Madison the display of intelligence is accepted, and more importantly, it is greatly encouraged.  Madison, in fact, has the highest concentration of people with college degrees and advanced degrees in the United States.  So make sure you visit Madison’s pride and joy, the University of Wisconsin, or one of the almost 40 bookstores that call this small city home.

Madison’s Capitol Dome
Since Madison has so much history and beautiful scenery, you will never find yourself with nothing to do. The number one, must-see landmark is the capitol dome. Tours are held daily every hour, and the guides are sure to make your visit extra special with lots of stories and access to locked doors.

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens
Another beautiful stop is the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Olbrich boasts a rose garden, a rock garden, herb garden, and a Thai Pavillion. Admission to the gardens is free unless you would like to enter the dome. This park is 16 acres and will surround you with beautiful gardens that will take your breath away.

5-Star Restaurants
Madison is also home to some fabulous restaurants that are sure to wow your taste buds. Johnny Delmonico’s is a well-known steak restaurant in Madison. Choices range from steaks to Moroccan-spiced chicken or their always-fresh seafood.

This last restaurant has been around in Madison since 1952. Lombardino’s is an Italian restaurant that has great character with exquisite pastas and pizzas. Its excellence in service and food quality has helped it to stand the test of time. Make either one of these restaurants a dinner stop on your next trip to Madison, and you won’t be disappointed.

All of these locations are must-sees while you’re visiting Madison. Which one do you think you’ll enjoy the most? Be sure to visit this list of cheap hotels in Madison when planning your trip.