South American online travel agency Daytours4u launches new platform

South American online travel agency Daytours4u launches new platform

Daytours4u, an online travel agency specialising in South American tours, today announced the launch of its new multipurpose digital platform. Displaying content in both English and Spanish, this streamlined website operates as a homepage for the company’s network of subsidiary brands Colombia4u, Uruguay4u, Argentina4u, Bsas4u (Buenos Aires), and Rdj4u (Rio de Janeiro). From here, simple site organisation and easy navigation means visitors have quick access to each brand’s entire suite of tours and activities.

Based out of Buenos Aires, Daytours4u offers travelers the best of South America. Snow capped Andean peaks, exquisite Colombian beaches, spectacular Patagonian glaciers, bustling modern cities, and charming colonial towns – the wonders of this continent are simply a magnet for explorers and with, they now have the resources with which to build their dream travel itineraries.

With the launch of this online portal, Daytours4u reaffirms its commitment to customer experience, and to setting a new standard for South American travel agencies. The incorporation of the stylish Daytours4u Blog on this new platform highlights the company’s passion for travel in the region. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, readers can find an array of articles about how to travel smarter in South America from locals in the know. By creating this library of information in the form of insightful tour reviews, comprehensive destination guides, exclusive insider tips, eloquent infographics, and authentic travel recommendations, Daytours4u provides its customers with all the information they need to discover South America in style and comfort.

“Creating the multi-faceted platform is part of our aspiration to build the most comprehensive network of websites dedicated to travel in South America” says Nohelia Sanchez, the Co-founder and Marketing Director of Daytours4u. “We want travelers to explore each of our destinations in depth, beyond the traditional landmarks, and become immersed in the local culture through the varying activities we provide. We know what it is to be a traveler, and so as knowledgeable locals and connoisseurs of our destinations, we want to extend our expertise and friendship to travelers across the world who want to visit these places.”

Fellow Co-founder and Chief Executive Gilad Shamir says that launching this new website is another step in the company’s evolution: “Our operations are continually developing – we aim to reach all corners of the continent and disseminate the true beauty of each place. Expanding into Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and North-eastern Brazil are our goals for the next two years, after which we would love to move into Central America; a region with some truly awe-inspiring attractions.”

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