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Seafood delights on the terrace - Al Murooj Rotana Dubai

Seafood delights on the terrace - Al Murooj Rotana Dubai

Travel broadcaster Phil Blizzard discovers blue waters delicacies on the terrace at the Pergolas Restaurant Seafood Night, Al Murooj Rotana, Dubai

At this time of year the weather in Dubai is generally ideal for dining outdoors and the terrace at Pergolas provides a wonderful setting overlooking the pool, in an almost amphitheatre style crescent. Behind, if one lifts your eyes skywards, one can see the tip, at 828m, of the world’s tallest structure - the towering Burj Khalia.  Whilst down at a more ‘back to earth’ elevation you will see a vast array of culinary delights from under the surface of the sea, and various freshwater environs, as well.

The executive chef at the hotel provided a warm welcome and was excited to show off his seafood jellies like the Tomato Jelly Muscles. Alongside the flotilla of sweet corn salad boats with crab meaty,  they created an unusual twist to this nautical themed evening.  The diverse selection of seafood consisting of Tiger Prawns, Crabs, Oysters, Mussels, Shrimps was very much what one wood expect at a seafood buffet of this calibre an along with the Sushi station provided a mouth watering array of cold starters. For me the outstanding dishes were the rillettes, similar to pate, either salmon or trout - most delightful!

Elsewhere in the sprawling Pergolas Restaurant one ‘sailed’ up to the the hot dishes of which there were plenty to choose from -  including a couple of traditional Arabic dishes given a seafood twist. These included seafood kebbeh and the spicy Lebanese fish harra, from the port city of Tripoli. Whilst outside, the grill was loaded with giant prawns and a variety of fish, to be cooked and served with the sauce you desire.

A truly wonderful array from the waters of the Gulf and beyond and if you had room for dessert the team of chef’s at the Al Murooj certainly do not disappoint those with a sweet tooth. The seafood night at the Pergolas Restaurant is held on Tuesdays from 7pm to 11:30pm

For more information telephone: +971 4 3211111 or visit the website