Picking the Best Sunglasses for Your Trip

Picking the Best Sunglasses for Your Trip

Are you thinking about packing your bags and carting them off to your tropical, snowy or maybe your bright lights, big city getaway? If so, you’re going to want to know the best sunglasses to protect those peepers of yours on holiday; keeping you stylish and ready to weather anything in the process. Mother Nature can be finicky when she wants to be and the only thing that you have to do is make sure that you’re prepared.

Tropical Treat
If you’ve decided that for holiday this year you’re going to head to the tropics in order to soak up some much needed sun, and plan to do so in the water, then checking out some Glare Eyewear with polarized lenses is going to be right up your alley. Not only do they block out glare from the sun reflecting off of the water by up to ninety-eight percent, but they also provide you with a more vivid and clearer view of your world. Familiarise yourself with a few of the tips and things you want to look for when going to select the perfect pair of shades for your fun in the sun.
• A hydrophobic coating on the lens keeps water off and your view crystal clear
• Frames that are open at the bottom create for better ventilation and will keep your lenses from fogging up
• Amber, copper and grey lens are where you are going to want to consider. They will offer you the best vision when you’re gliding over the water. It will assist you with your depth perception and will help you to spot your key marks such as safe water buoys
• A lot of time water will push your sunglasses off faster than wind; ensure you are looking into frames with sturdy grips at the nose bridge.

Snowy Slopes
Maybe it’s the holiday season or maybe you just want the rush of speeding down the peak of a mountain. You’ve covered everything else and have already picked up your skis, snowboards, boots, base layers and all other things that you need in order to kick up some ice. Now you just peruse and pick which pair of sunglasses will suit you best. Use a few of these guidelines to help you when searching through your options. Think about the snow and the particular conditions that you will be in and whether or not the sun will be playing a factor; hitting the slopes without sunglasses is a mistake.

• Just like with water, polarized lenses are a good place to start so you can have more definition and depth perception. Though do be aware that with polarized lenses, you may be unable to see patches of ice

• Lens colors that you will want to look at from rose, orange, mirrored, grey and brown and each color has its benefits. All of these colors will reduce glare and preserve colors, though orange lenses will increase depth perception and mirrored lenses will also block out ten to sixty percent of the visible light.
• Try to find a frame with versatility and interchangeable lens options so you will have no problem adapting to any conditions that are tossed your way.

Tackling Terrain
With everything that is going on in the wilderness, it is important to make sure that you have the right sunglasses so your eyes are protected from all the things that you will encounter. Whether you are climbing the great heights of a mountain, enjoying the breeze by way of a smooth cycling trip or hiking through your local forest one thing is for sure; there will be debris and a lot of it. Frames with interchangeable lenses are ideal for your one-on-one with Mother Nature; you will be able to handle anything she throws your way.

• Look for a pair of sunglasses that have a UV protection of ninety-nine to a hundred percent if you will be spending long hours in the sun. This will protect your eyes from those harsh rays and keep them from straining
• A curve to the lens and versatile wrap around frames will help to not only protect your peripheral vision from the sun, but it will be your best option to keep debris, twigs, dust, dirt, branches and glare out of your eyes
• In the outdoors, you may get caught in the rain or snow. Those Hydrophobic lens coatings will prove to be beneficial when the moisture is beading off and keeping your vision clear

It doesn’t take much to protect your eyes while you’re out and about, enjoying everything that the world and life has to offer. All that you need is the right pair of sunglasses to make sure that everything you see is crisp, clear and your eyes are sure to be safe from whatever you’re weathering.