Olympia Viaggi deploys Triometric’s Web Services Analyzer to optimise operational efficiency

Olympia Viaggi deploys Triometric’s Web Services Analyzer to optimise operational efficiency

Triometric, the leading provider of real-time XML business intelligence (BI) to the online travel industry announces today that Olympia Viaggi, a specialist Italian online travel company and wholesaler, has implemented Triometric Web Services Analyzer to monitor and manage the performance of its web services infrastructure and apply search and booking insights into its operations.

The Triometric analytics platform provides users with self-service access to meaningful and timely performance reporting and analysis. As a result Olympia Viaggi will get the near real-time visibility it needs into business performance and operations covering areas such as inventory management, system responsiveness and error reporting. Users can start with a high-level view of performance and then drill down to granular server- and transaction-level details to quickly and easily pinpoint any root causes of poor performance, service issues or gaps in inventory. Such real-time use of analytics and intelligence will help Olympia Viaggi deliver superior responsiveness to its diverse and growing customer base
Olympia Viaggi uses the Parsec/CRSys as its central reservation system to manage its dynamic inventory and bookings. It is a highly configurable and feature-rich platform that addresses the key business processes of small and large tour operators and online travel agencies. The Triometric Web Services Analyzer is highly adaptable to different operating needs and environments and can be configured to monitor all XML traffic, regardless of platform. Triometric is delighted that the client relationship with Olympia Viaggi has added the specialist Parsec reservation platform to the growing list of Triometric compatible systems. This integration opens doors for other Parsec platform subscribers to harness the performance and business benefits that Triometric brings.

Francesco Deledda, CEO at Olympia Viaggi commented “that in today’s competitive online travel market it is more important than ever to ensure the seamless running of optimised web services for our clients and to have real-time inventory data available to drive profitable decisions. Triometric will provide us with timely access to the information we need to make faster, smarter decisions when they matter most. Triometric will also greatly reduce the time we spend creating reports, freeing people to focus on making decisions that further increase the value we provide to our customers.”

“When it comes to making decisions that significantly boost business performance, timely access to meaningful, accurate information is imperative. We are delighted that Olympia Viaggi has selected Triometric’s proven Web Services Analyzer technology to gain real-time intelligence to help them optimise their web services performance while also managing suppliers and inventory planning with live performance data” said Matthew Goulden, CEO at Triometric. “We look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure they get the most out of their XML data.”