New Interactive Route Map by the Low Cost Airline Guide

New Interactive Route Map by the Low Cost Airline Guide

At last, a handy interactive route map that allows budding travellers and the airline savvy alike, to find low cost flight routes between specific destinations throughout the whole of Europe, UK and Scotland. Simply select any departure point and see all of the destinations available from that location. Then select any of the destinations highlighted in green to see the available flights to that destination from your chosen departure point.

The Low Cost travel guide wanted to offer their visitors something visually different from the usual bland approach adopted by most travel websites. Opting for a more intuitive experience the Low Cost Travel Guide’s new route map responds to the user’s destination selection by revealing a subtle pop-up showing special low cost flights and a link to the operators offering them. The experience is optimized to provide the user with a helpful interface where travel ideas can develop as the on-screen map offers a wide range of flight opportunities which the user can compare without leaving the page.

The reason for this new type of travel and flight planning is to put back into travel the excitement involved with actually drafting out a route across a world map and visually appreciating the routes across different terrain and regions. This opens up the possibility to look for different routes taking in alternative cities and towns as you watch your holiday being literally designed as you go. The new route map is also great for those who intend on visiting multiple destinations as you can chart your way through Europe while costing your holiday at the same time.

You can see the new route map in action at and begin to plan your new interactive holiday from the comfort of your own home without being bombarded by multiple airlines just for making a simple flight cost enquiry. The tool is fast and easy to use and could even save you money by allowing you to easily compare the cost of cut price European flights.

All provided information can be viewed without leaving the main page with other flight routes being visible during the flight route finding stage. Once a desired flight has been decided upon, then and only then, does the visitor click away from the main map page. This design has proven the most rewarding and time saving process to finding low cost airline routes throughout the UK and Europe with less time wasted loading additional pages which have proven to be unnecessary.

This amazing low cost flight route finding tool is compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and the latest version of Google Chrome. Visitors may also decide to convert the whole process to the conventional drop-down menu display quite easily if they prefer it that way. For the rest of us, however, there’s no going back to the slow and tedious method of finding low cost flights in Europe and the UK ever again.